Does your company needs to do set of tasks to onboard an employee. How do you manage those tasks and make sure everything is done before the employee set foot in the office.

With the help of new module, HR manager can

Set out the tasks needed for a new employee, examples

• Trainings
• Set up accounts
• Handing over the Documents

Set out tasks needed for a leaving employee, examples

• Equipments to return
• Close the accounts

How to use the Feature

• Create template
   o Define different template for on boarding or off boarding as per your requirements

• Create tasks
   o Build a library of tasks that needs to be done for either on/off boarding

   o Tasks can have fixed due dates or a variable due dates
   o Task need to have owners
          - A specific employee
          - Employee itself i.e when you assign the template to a employee
          - HR manager

• Add tasks to the templates
  o Attach the tasks created above to templates. This will create a blueprint of all the         tasks that needs to be done for on/off boarding.

  o Assign templates to the employees
           - When on or off boarding an employee, Select the template you want to use                   and it will generate set of tasks with specified due dates and owners

Every Task owner will see those tasks in the ToDos

   o Monitor the progress on the tasks
Get notifications when all the tasks has been completed

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